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Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the plate, creating an atmosphere that lingers in the memory, making your visit truly exceptional.

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your new favorite spot in Hermosa Beach

About Aprons

Welcome to APRONS, where we celebrate the diversity and creativity of American cuisine. Whether you crave a classic burger and fries, a hearty steak and salad, or a fusion dish with flavors from around the world, we have something for everyone

We also offer a variety of drinks, from craft cocktails to fine wines and juices. Join us for breakfast, lunch, or a romantic dinner, and enjoy our cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious food.

Our Chef

For generations, the art of cooking and creating delicious meals has been passed down through families and cultures. For chef and food enthusiasts, Beckie Cousens, the love of cooking has been a lifelong passion that has roots deep in her family's history.